The Best Driving School Platform in the UAE. For You. is the first and largest driving school platform in the UAE. With a wide network of affiliate driving schools, serves as a free driving school platform to help driving license aspirants discover the most advanced and state-of-the-art training facilities in the UAE to obtain a driving license. These facilities include practical training and driving license acquisition courses, which have been designed professionally by our affiliate driving schools to cater to the needs of individuals with any skill level. The driving schools affiliated with provide training to students according to the protocols outlined by traffic and licensing authorities such as RTA.  

From beginners to drivers with experience, the driving courses offered by our affiliate driving schools are designed to provide excellent training to students so that they can complete the UAE driving license procedure successfully. These schools offer courses for completing the UAE driving license procedure for both manual and automatic transmission driving licenses or for motorists with an automatic transmission driving license looking to get a manual transmission driving license. Our partner driving schools are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (Muroor), Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman. Driving license students or aspirants can apply for a driving course using our platform, which helps in finding a cheap driving school with good reputation that fits one’s budget. 

Our Services is the best driving school platform that offers multiple services to driving license aspirants in the UAE. Our services ensure that students are well-trained at our affiliate driving schools facilities to pass strict standards that the UAE and Dubai traffic authorities have set for the driving license aspirants.

Our partner driving schools have teams of experienced instructors and professionals from multiple countries to help the driving license aspirants receive the best defensive driving training in their own language. This helps license aspirants in learning the driving culture and traffic rules of the UAE quickly and effectively. Besides the training classes for theory test, parking test and road test, the services provided by our affiliate driving schools include:

  • Performance Tracking
  • Road Safety Education
  • Defensive Driving Skills
  • Assessment Tests
  • Basic Training for Young Drivers
  • Driving Practice on Modern Vehicles from all Categories

Driving license aspirants can also compare the prices of different courses such as Regular Course, VIP Course, Night Course and Friday Course at our partner schools and choose the best package that suits them the most. With the ability to do a quick price comparison amongst different schools and programs available, our driving school platform helps driving license students choose the right course for them at the right price. 

How to Get the UAE Driving License?

The driving license acquisition procedure can become challenging and time-consuming for youngsters and first-time aspirants due to a lack of procedural understanding and inexperience. Traffic authorities in the UAE have made firm rules and regulations to increase the standard of road safety in the country, which makes it very difficult for young and new drivers to pass the theory test and road test.

In order to get a driving license in the UAE, one must:

  • Get registered for either a manual transmission driving license or an automatic transmission driving license.
  • Receive a learner’s permit after getting registered.
  • Complete the mandatory theory classes and pass the theory test.
  • Complete the practical training and pass the road test assessment.
  • Pass the UAE driving test and get the driving license. provides driving license aspirants access to advanced courses and training sessions delivered by experienced instructors at our partner driving schools. These courses and trainings have been designed for the driving license aspirants of different skill level, age and driving experience whether they are expatriates or the UAE/GCC residents. The highlight of these trainings and courses is the road safety training of aspirants to ensure that the drivers and other commuters on the road always remain safe.

Why Choose aims at providing an ideal learning environment to driving license aspirants in the UAE to make learning a pleasurable activity for beginners as well as experienced drivers. Our partner driving schools provide state-of-the-art training facilities and experienced faculty to hone the instinctive skills of students of different age and skill level in the most effective manner. Driving license aspirants can learn accident avoidance techniques, driving in low visibility conditions, safe driving behavior in heavy traffic and driving in bad weather conditions to become responsible drivers overall. also provides driving license aspirants an amazing opportunity to get a complete refund for their driving license acquisition program fee if they purchase a vehicle from us after completing the training. This special offer is only valid for driving license aspirants who enroll at one of our partner driving schools using the platform of To know more about this offer and other important details, visit our Terms and Conditions Page.