6 Important Parking Tips for New and Young Drivers

6 Important Parking Tips for New and Young Drivers

Parking a vehicle safely can become a stressful task even for the most seasoned drivers, particularly when it comes to parallel parking in tight spaces. Learning to park a vehicle effectively is such an important task in the UAE that the traffic authorities have set a separate test for in the driving license acquisition procedure.

A driving license aspirant has to successfully attempt a number of parking maneuvers in order to pass the parking test. If the applicant fails even one of the parking maneuvers, he or she would have to reappear for the parking test before moving on to the final driving test. This challenging procedure mounts immense pressure on the driving license aspirants which often becomes a reason behind their failure in the test.

Even if many driving license aspirants pass their parking test, they find it difficult to park their vehicles in the real world as becoming familiar with different types of parking challenges is quite a difficult task for new drivers. In order to help make parking a vehicle easy and stress-free, here are some tips that can help you with parking a vehicle in the UAE.

Take Your Time

The best way to make sure that you park your vehicle safely and correctly is by doing it patiently. You must not rush through the process, even if you are in a hurry. When you are parking your vehicle, make sure that you are maneuvering slowly and paying attention to parking your vehicle in the parking space available. You need to make sure that you don’t make any dangerous mistake because there could be other cars behind you and you should always concentrate on parking correctly in the parking space you have.

Plan Your Parking Exit

When you are parking your vehicle, you also need to plan your parking exit. For this purpose, you should make intelligent use of the parking space available and leave enough space from all sides (if possible) to avoid any difficulty while leaving the parking space. You should try to find the parking space according to width and length of your vehicle as it can make life a lot easier when you are taking your vehicle out of the parking space. Planning your parking exit beforehand saves a lot of time and energy and makes parking a completely stress-free job.

Practice Again and Again

The best way to ace parking in the UAE is by making sure that you practice parking again and again until you get it right. Practicing parking is also important when you are preparing to pass the parking test. Parking is one of those driving techniques that you will only master with practice and experience. Getting help from an experienced professional will allow you to develop a confident approach and overcome your fears with parking. This is why parking under the supervision of an experienced driver or instructor can be a productive way of learning different types of parking challenges in a short period of time.

Make Use of Technology

By using modern-day car technologies such as rear-view monitor with parking grid lines and advanced safety features such as Park Assist and Autonomous Parking Systems, you can easily park your car in a hassle-less manner. These new and autonomous safety features and technologies can help you park your vehicle effortlessly, especially when you are not feeling confident about your parking skills.

Think of Other Motorists

While you are parking your vehicle, you need to think of other motorists who might be parking their vehicle next to yours. As you will be parking your vehicle between two lines at most of the parking spots in the UAE, you need to make sure that you perfectly position your vehicle so your vehicle is not in the way of any other vehicle. You also need to ensure that you do not park your vehicle in the specific parking spaces allocated for Electric Vehicles (EVs) if you are not driving one because it is considered as a parking violation for which motorists can face penalties.


These parking tips can help even the most seasoned drivers in parking a vehicle efficiently. With proper practice and experience, you can become a safe driver and park a vehicle easily and safely anywhere. Parking a vehicle is not difficult at all, however, it requires a driver to be attentive and careful in approach to avoid facing difficult situations.