Safe Driving Tips for Young Drivers That Actually Work

Safe Driving Tips for Young Drivers That Actually Work

Acquiring a driving license is a legal requirement to be eligible to drive in the UAE. The driving license acquisition procedure ensures that young drivers learn all the important safe driving skills while the experienced ones (expatriates) hone their existing skills to adapt to the driving culture of the UAE.  The driving license acquisition procedure helps the new drivers in learning defensive driving skills and practicing these skills even after getting the driving license is also very important to keep improving as a safe driver.

For those young drivers who have recently acquired the UAE driving license, here are some safe driving tips that will give them a boost of confidence and help in improving their defensive driving skills.

Purchase a Vehicle with Latest Safety Features

Driving in the UAE can be a difficult task for young drivers, especially for those drivers who have recently acquired a driving license in the UAE. As young drivers don’t have enough experience of driving in heavy traffic, it is advisable for the parents of the young drivers to purchase them a vehicle that has latest safety features. Other than air bags and seat belts, a young driver’s car should have features such as Automatic Emergency Braking System, Anti-lock Brake Assist, Traction Control, Intelligent Speed Assist, Pedestrian Detection, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring System and Forward Collision Warning System to name a few. Some of these features would be available as an option, so splurging on them would not be a too hefty price for the safety of the young drivers.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Before you start driving, a driver should always fasten the seatbelt. Driving without wearing a seatbelt is a traffic violation in the UAE and it carries a hefty penalty A driver is responsible for ensuring that all passengers are wearing their seatbelt before he or she starts driving. If a driver is caught driving without wearing a seatbelt or if the passengers are not wearing a seatbelt, the driver will be fined AED 400 per passenger who is not wearing a seatbelt. Seatbelts are amongst the most basic safety features that save the wearer from fatal injuries and can minimize the impact of the injuries, so wearing the seatbelt is very important.

Turn On the Headlights

Driving in low visibility conditions can be extremely difficult even for the most seasoned drivers. This is the reason why it is advised by the expert driving trainers that a driver should turn on the headlights when the natural light dims. When driving in early morning or evening, the driver should turn the headlights on and in low visibility conditions such as sandstorms, rain or fog, the driver should use fog lamps to improve the visibility.

Maintain Proper Distance from the Vehicle Ahead

Maintaining proper distance from the vehicle ahead can save the drivers from a dangerous traffic situation. As not maintaining proper distance from the vehicle ahead is a major traffic violation called tailgating, young driving license aspirants are taught by their trainers to leave at least a car’s length as a safe distance from the vehicle ahead so that even if the vehicle ahead brakes suddenly, you can remain safe from a possible fatal collision.

Follow Traffic Rules

The best way to drive safely is by following the driving rules and regulations, it is as simple as that. The young drivers should always ensure that they are following the traffic rules such as stopping on red light, not driving on the hard shoulder, avoiding sudden swerving and over-speeding to name a few. By following the traffic rules, a young driver can avoid unwanted traffic situations and safely reach their destinations.

Take Fewer Passengers with You

When going on long journeys, the young drivers should avoid traveling with multiple passengers. Although taking passengers does nothing for the vehicle, having multiple passengers can be a distraction for young drivers. Talking, sharing food and taking attention away from the road can lead to a serious traffic situation that can lead to fatal consequences. Distracted driving is a serious traffic offense and drivers should try to maintain their attention on the road at all times to reduce their chances of making any mistakes. The driver should always be concentrating on the road to ensure that he or she does not break any traffic rules unknowingly.

Final Takeaways

It is the responsibility of the young drivers and their trainers to ensure that the drivers are ready to drive safely under any circumstances. During the driving training phase, the driving schools need to ensure that the young driving license aspirant has all the information he or she needs to become a safe and conscious driver. Road safety is a shared responsibility that all the stakeholders should fulfill including the motorists, driving schools and traffic authorities. This mutual effort will help improve the overall road safety situation in the country over a short period of time.

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