Tips for Driving Safely At Nighttime in the UAE

Tips for Driving Safely At Nighttime in the UAE

Driving at nighttime can be difficult not only for the young drivers, but also for the seasoned drivers.  Low visibility is the biggest challenge for a driver at night, which makes it important for every driver to be attentive and active at all times. Even a small lapse in concentration while driving at night can cause a serious road accident and motorists should be very careful in their approach whenever they have to drive at night.

Here are some tips that can help you become a better driver.

Be Alert!

The first rule of driving at nighttime is to be alert at all times and maintaining attention on the road. You need to be proactive in your approach and adopt defensive driving practices to avoid difficult situations. While you are concentrating on the road, it is also important to keep an eye on other motorists and the way they are driving. This kind of driving approach helps in taking preventive measures if some other motorist commits a dangerous mistake such a sudden lane changing or driving too close to your vehicle. You also need to look out for pedestrians and stray animals crossing the road from undesignated areas. Being alert at all times is essential to drive safely at night.

Clean the Headlights and Side Mirrors

In order to drive safely at nighttime, you need to take some precautionary measures. The most important measure is to make sure that the headlights and the side mirrors of your car are clean. This should be your daily ritual and whenever you are planning to drive at nighttime, you should first clean the headlights for a clear view of the road. If you can’t see the road and other motorists properly, you can face a dangerous road situation anytime. Keeping your vehicle’s lights in order and clean at all times helps in avoiding dangerous road situations caused by poor visibility of the road.

Same goes for the side mirrors as they extend your vision on the road and help in maintaining one’s lane while driving at night. Both the lights and side mirrors should be regularly cleaned for a clear view of the road, particularly while driving at nighttime.

Keep Distractions Away

In order to become a safe driver, it is necessary to keep all distractions away. Since your utmost efforts should be made to remain attentive on the road, it is necessary for the driver to keep all distractions away. This means you will have to put away your mobile phone, do not text or call anyone, don’t eat anything, don’t talk to any of your passengers and make sure that you are focused on the road.

Take Breaks

If you have been driving for long periods of time, you should make sure that you take breaks and rest before continuing your journey. When planning to drive at nighttime, a responsible driver should make sure that he or she has rested well, if not, the motorist should make sure to take regular breaks. There are proper rest areas on highways in the UAE where drivers can stay for a few minutes and drive again when they feel fresh. Driving continuously can be distracting and tiring, so it is better to take a rest break whenever you feel drowsy behind the wheel.

Don’t drive too fast

This should be your very first priority and you should always make sure that you are always within the speed limit at all times. Over-speeding is a traffic violation in the UAE and it is heavily penalized by the traffic authorities, which is the reason why all drivers should not commit over-speeding. Over-speeding becomes very dangerous at nighttime because of the low visibility conditions and all drivers should avoid it. It is important to maintain speed according to speed limit of a road and avoid changing lanes too frequently to avoid dangerous road situations while driving at night.

Key Takeaways!

These are some tips that can help a motorist to drive safely at nighttime and ensure that they don’t get involved in a difficult road situation. You will only learn with experience and avoiding to driver at nighttime driving because of its challenges is never a good idea. By adopting safe driving practices and avoiding critical driving mistakes, anyone can become a safe driver and face different driving challenges confidently.  Drivers in the UAE should not find driving at nighttime very difficult as every driver goes through a rigorous training programme in the driving license acquisition procedure, which prepares the driving license aspirants for all different driving challenges that they can face in the UAE including the nighttime driving.

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