Useful Tips for Women to Improve their Driving Skills

Useful Tips for Women to Improve their Driving Skills

Anyone above the age of 18 can get a driving license in the UAE after passing the driving license tests. Only the best of the best drivers are able to pass the driving license test in the UAE as the traffic authorities have harshened the driving license tests to improve the road safety situation in the country. Due to this step being taken by the traffic authorities, the standard of driving in the country has improved significantly over the years.

However, there is always room for improvement and effort should always be made to become better drivers. Both male and female drivers have the potential to become exemplary drivers if they strive to improve their driving skills. However, as the driving style of both men and women is very different, female drivers tend to be more cautious and safe in their driving approach and tend to drive less aggressively.

For those female drivers who want to improve their driving and skills, here are some useful tips that they can adopt for a safer and confident driving experience. It is important to keep these tips in mind while driving and making these tips a habit to become a better driver.

Wear Suitable Shoes

While driving, it is exceptionally important for female drivers to wear appropriate shoes. Although high heeled shoes look good and give a confidence boost to the wearer, they are not a suitable footwear for driving. The issue with high heeled shoes is that they can easily slip off the pedals and also lack in providing a comfortable heel position to rest the foot when driving on congested roads. This causes fatigue and over a longer period of time anxiety is induced whenever a female driver sees congested traffic. To solve the issue, it is better for the women drivers to keep flat shoes in the car with them for driving and change out of them when they get out of the car.

When appearing for the driving test, wear flat shoes so that you can drive properly and without any hindrance. As a female driving license aspirant, you would have to show the examiner that you have complete control over the vehicle and can drive the vehicle under any condition. Wearing heels during the driving test can cause nervousness as the fear of misplacing the foot when asked to apply emergency brakes by the examiner will create anxiety.

Use the Indicators Timely

In order to become a better driver, a woman driver needs to make sure that she uses the indicators timely. Many drivers, including both male and female drivers often make this mistake and this can have a huge impact on how the how the traffic around them reacts. While taking a turn, make use of the indicators appropriately, which includes indicating well before making the turn so that the motorist behind has enough time to react. If you are overtaking a vehicle or if you are changing lanes, using the correct indicator and using it timely becomes absolutely necessary.

While appearing for the road test, the use of correct indicator and its timing is of critical importance as it is observed by the examiner. After passing the test, every driver should maintain this practice in daily commuting. Sometime, the drivers either use the indicator too early or too late and this leaves no time or mislead the drivers behind them. Since an untimely use of indicator create confusion, the chances of getting caught or initiating a road accident increase.

Drive in the Correct Lane

It is important for female drivers to maintain proper speed while driving and ensure that they are in the correct lane. If you want to drive fast, you should drive in the left lane and if you want to drive at a slower speed, you should always drive in the right lane. As the driving culture of the UAE is very diverse, it is of utmost importance for drivers to drive in the appropriate lane, especially while driving on the highway. A slow driver in the fast lane and a fast driver in the slow lane can cause dangerous traffic accidents that can involve multiple vehicles and cause serious injury to the motorists involved.

Driving in the correct lane is very important for the drivers who are attempting their driving test. The examiner can and will fail the driving license aspirant for driving on the wrong lane and for driving in a lane at the wrong speed. It is especially important for the female drivers to maintain proper speed and drive in the correct lane to become better drivers. As simple as it may sound, driving in the wrong lane is a common mistake that both male and female drivers make.

Overtake a Vehicle Properly

Overtaking a vehicle can be a hassle for an inexperienced driver, however, if done properly, anyone can safely overtake a vehicle. The key is to ensure that overtaking is always done from the left side. Overtaking from the right-hand side is dangerous and can have devastating consequences. In order to overtake a vehicle, always maintain a steady speed and use the correct indicator so that the motorist behind knows that you are going to overtake the vehicle ahead. When are appearing for the road test, one should keep this tip in mind as this can help in passing the road test and leave a good impression on the examiner.

Final Takeaways

These are some driving tips that can help female drivers to become improve their driving skills. By adopting these driving tips and making them second-nature, female driver can ensure that they improve their driving by improving the road awareness and adopting a safe driving approach.

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