5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Driving a Manual Transmission Car

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Driving a Manual Transmission Car

Many people believe that driving a vehicle with a manual transmission is difficult, however, with time and practice, anyone can master manual transmission. Manual transmission takes some time to getting used to ands not everyone can ace manual transmission, especially if they are new to driving such a vehicle. For those motorists who have recently acquired a manual transmission driving license in the UAE or are planning to get a manual transmission driving license, there are some common mistakes that they should avoid at all times.

By trying to avoid these common mistakes, anyone can ace manual transmission. Here are the 5 common mistakes that most drivers make, which can badly affect the manual transmission.

Using Gear Shift as Hand Rest

This is one of the most common mistakes that almost every motorist driving a manual transmission makes. Many motorists rest their hands on the gear lever when they are at a rest stop, parking somewhere or waiting for the signal to turn green. Although this might seem like a harmless gesture, it can have serious consequences for the transmission over a period of time.

The manual transmission mechanism involves a selector fork that pushes up against a rotating collar to change gears smoothly. Resting your hand on the gear lever adds unwanted pressure on the rotating collar and selector fork within the manual transmission, which can cause premature failure of the selector fork. Resting your hand on the gear level may cause the selector fork to press into the rotating collar, which can cause damage to the selector fork to an extent that you might have to replace your transmission. While avoiding to use gear shift as hand rest is important to save the manual transmission from premature wear and tear, it is important to keep both your hands on the steering wheels while driving to maneuver the vehicle better. This helps in steering the vehicle safely, particularly in challenging road situations.

Shifting Gears without Engaging Clutch

Another common mistake motorists commit while driving a manual transmission vehicle is that they shift gears without engaging clutch. The clutch disengages the engine of the vehicle from the transmission every time the driver pushes the pedal. The clutch of a vehicle is basically a friction disc that transmits power from the engine to the transmission. Before you can shift gears properly, you will have to disconnect the engine and the transmission and for that you will have to push the clutch pedal. If a driver shifts gears without engaging the clutch, this simple action can lead to severe damage to the transmission system of the vehicle and even cause damage to the engine.

Resting Foot on Clutch Pedal

Many drivers keep their foot resting on the clutch pedal so that they don’t have to move their leg when they want to change gears. Although this may seem simple and harmless, it is a bad habit that not only causes damage to the transmission, but can also lead to dangerous driving situations that may not be controlled. Resting foot on the clutch can cause the clutch to engage partially and result in slippage, which can lead to a collision.

Keeping Vehicle in Gear While Stopping At Red Light

There are many drivers who will keep their vehicle in gear while they are stopping at red light. Keeping your vehicle in gear when the vehicle is not moving is neither good for the clutch of the vehicle nor for transmission of the vehicle. This adds unnecessary pressure on the clutch, which is the reason why it is advisable for the motorists driving a manual transmission vehicle to put their vehicle in neutral gear at a stop light.

Using Clutch to Hold Vehicle down the Hill

Anyone who is familiar with driving downhill may have used this trick to remain steady on the road. However, this is not a safe or healthy practice and it can result in wearing out of the clutch and friction material of your vehicle. There are many other ways for keeping your vehicle steady and not rolling down the hill without pushing the clutch pedal such as keeping the vehicle in the first gear to maintain low speeds and engaging handbrake whenever required. Pushing the clutch pedal to maintain your position on the road will directly affect the manual transmission mechanism drastically.

Final Thoughts!

These are 5 most common mistakes most drivers make when they are driving a vehicle with manual transmission. As majority of these mistakes can lead to serious damage of the transmission, it is important for the drivers to avoid these mistakes and adopt better driving practices that can extend the life of important mechanical parts such as clutch pedal, gear shift and brakes.

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