Important Tips for Driving Safely in Dense Fog

Driving in dense fog can become a serious challenge for motorists due to low visibility conditions and wet roads. While experienced drivers can quickly adapt to such weather conditions, young drivers tend to take more time to become familiar with safety practices to follow in foggy weather. It is important for motorists to adopt a defensive driving approach and follow traffic rules to drive safely in foggy conditions. Driving in dense fog is never a straightforward job and this is why motorists should be more careful to drive safely in such weather conditions.

Here are the safety tips that can help motorists avoid dangerous road situations in heavy rains.

Use Public Transport

Dense fog can be observed frequently in the UAE during winter season, which can make driving extremely difficult. Using public transport can be an ideal option to commute safely in dense fog as many drivers find it uncomfortable to drive in low visibility conditions induced by dense fog. By using public transport, motorists can safely reach their destinations as public transport system of the UAE is one of the safest and most advanced in the world.

Drive Slowly

Due to slippery road conditions and reduced visibility, it can become extremely difficult for motorists to drive in foggy conditions. In such weather, it becomes important for motorists to slow down and reduce their speed at least 40-50 Km/h from their usual driving speed. Driving at a slow speed helps in maintaining attention on the road and allows motorists extra time to respond to an emergency situation.

Leave Safe Distance between Vehicles

Not leaving safe distance between vehicles is one of the major reasons behind dangerous road accidents recorded in dense fog. It is one of the basic road safety practices that motorists learn during their Driving License Acquisition Programme that helps new drivers become familiar with traffic rules of the UAE. The time to react in an emergency situation decreases significantly for drivers in dense fog due to low visibility conditions and slippery road conditions.

In such a situation, it becomes vital for motorists to leave safe distance between vehicles and avoid tailgating as it can result in dangerous road accidents. Leaving safe distance allows a driver to avoid a front-end crash in case the driver in the vehicle ahead applies sudden brakes.

Fog Lights Should Always be turned on in Dense Fog

Fog lights now come as a standard in most of the modern-day vehicles and it becomes necessary to use these lights while driving in dense fog. Keeping fog lights turned on provides a clearer view of the road and helps in avoiding dangerous road situations.

Don’t Drive if Visibility Goes Down Significantly

Motorists should take a rest break and stop driving if the visibility goes down considerably. It can be ideal to pull over at the nearest service station and only resume driving if the visibility gets better for driving safely.

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Don’t Turn On Hazard Lights

It is a traffic violation in the UAE to turn on hazard lights when driving in foggy conditions. Motorists can face hefty penalties for committing this violation as using hazard lights can become a source of distraction for other drivers.

Motorists should only use hazard lights to indicate others whenever they have parked their vehicle on the left or right shoulder of a road or when they have to notify other drivers of an emergency situation ahead. Hazard lights should never be turned on with an intention to have a clearer view of the road in dense fog.

Follow Traffic Rules and Drive Safely in Dense Fog

It can become easier for motorists to drive safely in extremely foggy conditions if they follow traffic rules. Authorities in the UAE launch awareness campaigns on a regular basis to make motorists aware of the risks of careless driving in foggy weather and it is the responsibility of motorists to follow traffic rules and adopt a defensive driving approach in such weather conditions.

Motorists should ensure that they remain extra careful and avoid dangerous traffic violations that can threaten their own safety and the safety of other commuters. With a defensive driving approach and relaxed mindset, dangerous road situations can be easily avoided irrespective of the weather conditions.

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