5 Safe Driving Tips that Every Driver Should Follow

5 Safe Driving Tips that Every Driver Should Follow

Driving in the UAE can be challenging for motorists due to a diversified traffic culture, intense scrutiny of traffic offenders and strict traffic rules. The high expatriate population in the UAE adds to the diversity of traffic culture. Expatriates usually take time to adapt to the driving conditions and can commit driving mistakes because of their inexperience and lack of knowledge about the traffic rules of the country. On the other hand, young drivers who have recently acquired a driving license from a professional driving school can also commit driving mistakes because of their limited exposure to driving in heavy traffic and challenging conditions.

Even the seasoned drivers can commit dangerous driving mistakes in heavy traffic or difficult weather conditions. It is important to remain calm while driving and follow the basic safe driving rules, regardless of the driving conditions.

Here are 5 safe driving tips that every driver should follow in the UAE to avoid dangerous road situations.

Drive within Speed Limits

It is a very basic yet commonly ignored safe driving protocol. Over-speeding on busy roads can be seriously dangerous, which is why it is important to drive within the speed limits of a road. Violating the speed limit not only levies hefty penalties on the offenders, but can also lead to dangerous road accidents involving multiple vehicles.

It is important to understand that speed limits are designed after a thorough study of different factors such as traffic load, history of dangerous accidents and dimensions of a road amongst others. Not complying with the speed limits puts the safety of the offender and other road users at a serious risk and motorists should avoid it at all costs.

Avoid Distractions While Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most frequently committed traffic violations in the UAE that can have dangerous consequences on a busy road. Motorists should maintain their 100% attention on the road and not use their mobile while driving. Additionally, motorists should also avoid indulging in activities such as eating, drinking or talking to other passengers in a vehicle.

There are serious traffic penalties in the UAE for distracted driving as a distracted driver can cause a dangerous road accident at any time. This is the reason why you should avoid distractions while driving and drive with 100% attention on the road.

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Never Forget to Wear Seatbelts

This is again a very basic yet commonly overlooked road safety protocol. Wearing a seatbelt is important as it can prove to be critical in the event of a dangerous road accident. The risk of being thrown out of a vehicle decreases significantly when the driver and all other passengers in a vehicle wear seatbelts.

According to the new seatbelt policy that was implemented in the UAE last year, it is essential for the driver to ensure that all passengers in a vehicle wear seatbelts. The violation of this law will incur hefty penalties on the driver for every passenger who fails to buckle up. This is an essential road safety practice that should never be ignored.

Change Lanes Safely

For young drivers and recently migrated expats, changing lanes is never a straightforward job. However, if motorists follow the road safety guidelines that they learned during the Driving License Acquisition Programme, changing lanes or following any other road safety practice will become easier.

Motorists should follow these tips while changing lanes on the UAE roads:

  • Only switch lanes if it is necessary
  • Use indicators while changing lanes
  • Move slowly from one lane to another and wait for the other lanes to become empty
  • Turn the indicator off after changing the lanes

Changing lanes safely becomes important, especially on the busy highways of the UAE where the influx of heavy traffic and fast approaching vehicles makes it difficult for drivers to quickly move from one lane to another. Motorists should keep in mind all the above-mentioned practices to change lanes safely.

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Maintain Safe Distance from Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs)

This is an important safe driving practice that all motorists should follow. The accidents involving Heavy Commercial Vehicles are quite common on the highways not only because of the negligence of HCV drivers, but also because of lack of understanding amongst other motorists about safety protocols to follow while driving near HCVs.

Following practices should be followed while driving on the highways:

  • Maintain a safe distance from HCVs
  • Avoid overtaking a truck when it is making a turn
  • Drive with extra caution near HCVs in windy conditions as these big vehicles can lose their balance in such weather conditions
  • Pass by a truck at a steady speed
  • While driving at night, don’t use high beam lights when driving near an HCV

All these tips should be followed to avoid an unexpected dangerous road situation while driving near big trucks and commercial vehicles. These vehicles are loaded with enormous weight, which makes them vulnerable to a sudden collapse, which is why it is important to maintain a safe distance from these vehicles at all times.


Driving in the UAE can become challenging for inexperienced drivers, however, following safe driving practices can make life a lot easier and helps in avoiding dangerous road situations. Young drivers should particularly be more cautious in their approach and follow safe driving practices. A careful driving approach is essential to avoid dangerous road situations and traffic penalties.

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