Step-by-Step Guide for Getting a Driving License in Dubai

Step-by-Step Guide for Getting a Driving License in Dubai

Getting a driving license in Dubai is not easy by any means as there are a number of different procedures that need to be completed to become eligible for driving in Dubai. Road test is considered to be the most difficult part of the Driving License Acquisition Programme where a driver needs to showcase driving skills that they learned during theory classes and practical training.

Many drivers have to make several attempts to pass the road test and this is something every driver should keep in mind going into the driving license programme for the first time. It is important for aspirants to complete each aspect of the driving license programme carefully so that they can get their driving license on the first attempt.

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting your driving license in Dubai.

Enroll in an Authorized Driving School

This is the first thing that you will need to do in order to formally start your Driving License Acquisition Programme. You can only be deemed eligible to register for the programme if you are aged 18 or above. There are a number of authorized driving schools with multiple branches where you can get yourself enrolled in Dubai.

Open Your RTA File and Get Registered for the Programme

After selecting the driving school, aspirants need to open their RTA file and get registered for the driving programme. Students can either choose manual or automatic gear transmission for their driving license acquisition.

Here are the documents required for completing the registration process:

  • Residence stamp
  • Passport (Original and Copy)
  • NOC from employer
  • Eight photos
  • Eye test report

It must be noted that students can get the eye test done by any optician of their choice, however, the facility is also available at the authorized driving schools.

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Theory Test

In the second phase, applicants need to attend theory lectures and it is mandatory to take a minimum of 8 theory lectures to be eligible for practical training that follows the theory test. Applicants have to then appear in a theory test that carries 35 questions. These questions are about road guidelines, signals and hazard lights.

Applicants can choose to take their test in English, Urdu or Arabic. Any other language can also be selected later as per the preference of the candidate. Candidates who are not comfortable with taking the written test or if they are computer illiterate, they can opt for an oral test as well.

It is important to note that applicants should keep with them a relevant ID, two photos and driving file while registering for the theory test. The theory test fee of AED 200 must also be submitted while applying for the test.

Pre-evaluation Test

This test is specifically designed for students who have registered for 30 and 20 driving classes instead of the standard 35 driving classes. This test helps evaluate the driving experience of the candidates going into practical training.

Practical Training

Applicants become eligible for practical training after passing their theory and pre-evaluation test. Different criteria are set for different applicants based on their prior driving experience (if any) in another country. The number of classes is different for applicants seeking a driving license for the first time as compared to those (expatriates) who have a driving license already.

Here are the guidelines for practical training classes:

  • Applicants who are seeking their first driving license need to register for 40 classes.
  • Applicants who have two to three years old driving license from another country need to register for 30 classes.
  • Applicants with a driving license from another country that is five years old need to take 20 classes.

Parking Test

The next phase is the parking test that needs to be completed by all applicants successfully. This is quite a difficult test as many different types of parking challenges need to be completed by the applicants as part of their parking test.

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Highway Training

Applicants that pass the parking test successfully are deemed eligible for highway training, which prepares them for the ultimate road test. It is important for individuals to take this training attentively and learn all the fundamentals that will help them when they take their road test.

Road Test

Qualifying for the road test is itself a challenge, however, the level of difficulty increases dramatically in the road test, especially for the first-time license aspirants. On the assigned date, applicants need to go to the License Section of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for the test with their driving file, passport and two photos.

Applicants can take the road test after filling an application form and submitting AED 200 as the fee for road test. The road test is taken in a group and the RTA inspector calls names of three students at a time to take the test together. The road test lasts for just a few minutes where applicants need to demonstrate their driving skills. In the event of a failure in the road test, the applicants need to take at least seven more classes and apply for the test again.

Those who pass their road test successfully need to collect the approval paper from RTA Inspector and move to the pass counter. There, they will need to submit an ID proof and AED 100 fee after which they can collect their test file that needs to be submitted to the Control Counter. After completing the whole process, applicants will receive the driving license in just a few minutes and will now be eligible for driving in Dubai.


The process of getting a driving license in Dubai is challenging, however, a clear understanding of the traffic rules and a focused approach can help an applicant in completing all the procedures comfortably. Driving in Dubai’s heavy traffic can be extremely difficult without any prior experience and the Driving License Acquisition Programme is designed to prepare driving license aspirants to become safe drivers. The entire programme makes it easier for new or inexperienced drivers to adopt safe driving habits, which is essential for driving in the cosmopolitan city Dubai.

If you are looking to apply for a driving license in the UAE then visit our license acquisition page to learn how can help you in obtaining your UAE driving license on first attempt.