Understanding the Responsibilities of the Best Driving School in Dubai

The driving license aspirants want to get their training from the best driving school in Dubai to get a driving license. When looking for such a driving school it is important to understand that there are responsibilities of these driving schools, which cannot be compromised.

LearnAnyCar.com is the best driving school platform in Dubai 2018 whose partner driving schools have been making the learning activity pleasurable and stress-free for the driving license aspirants. These driving school in Dubai have a developed learning environment where aspirants from any region, age, and skill level can benefit from simple and easy courses. Similarly, there are some rules and regulations that they expect from you to fulfil to make the learning process beneficial.

Let’s know about the responsibilities of these driving schools and what they expect from the driving license aspirants.

What are the Responsibilities of the Best Driving School in Dubai?

Our partner driving schools are well-reputed driving schools in Dubai where the aspirants can easily prepare themselves to get a driving license on first attempt. As a responsible driving institution, they treat each student on equal basis regardless of their origins.

They completely understand that there are a number of expatriates living in Dubai who want to procure a driving license. They are right here to help these expatriates with their simple and easy procedure.

Listed below are their responsibilities:

  • They welcome all the driving license aspirants. They understand the diversity of the society and have shaped the learning model to accommodate all aspirants equally.
  • They have highly qualified and skilled instructors who carefully prepare each student to become responsible drivers. Their instructors provide students details about the required documents, fees, training times, training courses, testing process, and file opening.
  • They provide advanced facilities to our students that make them the best driving school in Dubai 2018. They ensure comfortable, modern, and reliable vehicles to train the students.
  • Their instructors are well-trained and know exactly how to prepare aspirants to get a driving license in Dubai. They give relevant feedback to the students so that they can prepare themselves for each test.
  • They completely understands the responsibilities of a driving school in Dubai. They provide training on a one-on-one basis to prepare the students to pass the RTA Road test.
  • They arrange lectures for aspirants to prepare them for the RTA Theory test. These lectures are available in three different languages that are Arabic, English, and Urdu.
  • For the enhanced convenience of the students, they also conduct e-Lectures, Female Only Lectures, and Night Classes for male students.
  • They are the best driving school in Dubai and they provide Remote Interpretation Service (RIS) to students who find it difficult to understand the lectures in any of the above mentioned languages.
  • They comprehensively address all the complaints of driving license aspirants as there is no room for misconduct.
  • They provide a range of self-study aids including digital media and books to carefully prepare the aspirants for the final test.
  • These driving schools in Dubai where they endeavor to provide best services to driving license aspirants.

Understanding the Rights of the Driving Schools

Our partner driving schools train the students to become responsible drivers and in return, expect the students to oblige by rules and regulations of the institution.

What they expect from the students is:

  • They demand correct information from the students to avoid any legal action against them. The students are required to provide all the necessary documents required for RTA file opening.
  • The driving license aspirants need to carefully read the registration documents and submit their applications in due time.
  • The demand aspirants to pay the applicable fees without any delay.
  • The aspirants need to attend all the lectures and training sessions on time.
  • They demands driving license aspirant to avoid any kind of personal talk with the instructors.
  • The students need to careful about the selection of languages. They conduct lectures in three languages and once the aspirant register for a particular language, it will not be changed later.
  • They demand the students to dress properly and avoid using mobile phones or any other electronic device during the test.
  • Please avoid smoking on the premises and if you are pregnant, kindly inform the staff of before the beginning of your training.
  • You need to inform the staff 48 hours prior to the next lecture if you cannot attend. All of the lectures are mandatory as per the rules of RTA.
  • If a student is absent from any of the mandatory lectures, he/she is entitled to pay for an additional class.
  • They demand driving license aspirants to inform about any misconduct.

Bottom Line

LearnAnyCar.com’s partner driving schools are the best driving school in Dubai where they prepare driving license aspirants to acquire a driving license in responsible manners. Their team of experienced instructors and trainers ensure that the driving license aspirants are fully prepared to take the final tests and pass them on first attempt.

If you want to apply for a defensive driving course in the UAE then visit us at LearnAnyCar.com or call our customer support to become a better and safe driver.