How the Best Driving School in the UAE Can prepare you to get a Driving License?

The best driving school in the UAE prepares aspirants in an efficient manner to get a driving license. However, passing the UAE driving test is not easy as it requires aspirants to clear different tests successfully. The traffic authorities in the country have been trying hard to improve the road safety situation in the country and in order to do that, they have made the driving license acquisition harder than ever before.

Although this has certainly helped in achieving their goal, this has made driving license acquisition process extremely difficult for the license aspirants in the UAE, many of whom have to attempt the tests multiple times before they can actually acquire a driving license in the UAE. is a well-reputed driving school platform in the UAE whose partner driving schools train students to get a driving license on the first attempt. These experienced driving schools follow a simple procedure that is easy to understand and make driving license acquisition easier for the driving license aspirants.

Here is how our affiliate driving schools prepare students to acquire a driving license in the UAE.

Register with the Best Driving School in the UAE

Our partner driving schools help you in getting a driving license on first attempt. You need to register at one of our driving schools and they will prepare you to pass the RTA Road test. You can visit any of our branches, call our helpline or use the online website for the registration process.

Attend Lectures to Understand the Process

The UAE driving license is imperative to drive any car across the region. Our partner driving schools conduct lectures 7 days a week for students to provide all the important information about the procedure. There are 8 mandatory lectures as per the rules and a driving license aspirant needs to attend all of them to appear for the final theory test. Our partner driving schools arrange these lectures in three languages that are ArabicEnglish, and Urdu. They conduct e-Lectures, Female only lecture, and night classes (not mandatory for female students) as well. There are no barriers to language as we provide Remote Interpretation Service (RIS) to students who find it difficult to take the lectures in any of the above mentioned languages.

Pre-Evaluation Test

Our partner driving schools have highly qualified instructors who make it easy for the aspirants to get a driving license. They conduct the Pre-Evaluation test to evaluate the skills of students before they appear for the final road test.

Preparation for the Parking Test

Our partner driving schools have the objective to prepare aspirants to become responsible drivers. The parking test is important to clear in order to appear for the road test. The instructors carefully prepare you to pass this test on the first attempt.

The parking test is based on 5 parking manoeuvres through which your parking skills are assessed, which are:

  • Parallel Parking
  • Angle Parking
  • Emergency Stop
  • Garage Parking
  • Hill Test

If the aspirants fail in any of these 5 makeovers, they are required to pay for one hour of practical training for the failed manoeuvre.

Assessment Test

Once you clear the parking test, you will be assessed through the Assessment Test. They also provide Independent and Highway training to assess the driving skill of students. In-case, if you fail this test, you need to take 4 hours of practical training followed by the re-assessment test.

Register for the Road Test

As soon as the driving license aspirants clear the assessment test, they can register for the road test. Once you clear the road test, collect the clearance certificate from our partner driving schools and proceed to collect your UAE driving license. However, failing the road test results in the registration for the mandatory 4 hours of training followed by the re-take of the test.

Roundup is the best driving school platform in the UAE whose affiliate driving schools can easily train you to get a driving license by following some easy steps. Just register with us and pay the applicable fees. Our partner driving schools have skilled instructors who guide you carefully to become a responsible driver.

If you want to apply for a defensive driving course in the UAE then visit us at or call our customer support to become a better and safe driver.