How is the Best UAE Driving School Platform?

Acquiring a driving license is very difficult, especially if you have not enrolled in a driving school in Dubai. Practicing and applying for the driving license can be relatively difficult because the traffic authorities have standard protocols that must be followed in order to clear the driving license test and this can be only accomplished with the help of a certified driving school. A certified driving school follow all the standard protocols of traffic authorities and help the candidate proceed the system without missing any important information or skill that is needed to clear the license test.

The Best UAE Driving School Platform – is a driving school platform in the UAE that aims to make the process of driving license acquisition easy and hassle-free. With the aim to provide equal opportunity of learning for everyone, has partner driving schools who have designed a preparation procedure that is easy to follow and it is effective for everyone. However, they provide an option of customization and private classes for everyone who is in need of special attention.

Here are some of the important reasons why is considered the best UAE driving school platform.

Follow the Traffic Authorities’ Set Protocols

Our partner driving schools have designed the curriculum according to the standard protocols by the traffic authorities. On registration, the candidate is provided with a booklet with all the necessary details that are required for proceeding the license procedure and preparation of the theory test. The instructors completely follow the pattern suggested by the traffic authorities in order to train the candidates. The candidate is encouraged to use as many sources as possible to prepare for the test, however, the instructors help the license aspirants with every step including the registration. They also provide night classes to help the candidate prepare for every driving condition. Night classes are mandatory for the male candidates, however, it is optional for female candidates.

Customizable Teaching Method

Our partner driving schools have a standard curriculum that is set for all the candidates, however, candidates who need special guidance are also catered by the instructors. They start with the pre-evaluation test to determine the initial skill set of the candidate, later the instructors focus on the shortcoming and try to help the candidate improve the shortcomings. Extra training sessions are offered when the candidate is unable to perform according to the standard protocols. For the candidates who are immigrants, our partner driving schools offer preparation service in more than 152 languages with the help of their multilingual instructors. Furthermore, during registration for the test candidate can select the preferred languages and he will be able to attempt the test in the preferred language. However, it is quite difficult to select the preferred language after registration process finishes, it is important that the candidate must select the preferred language at the time of registration.

Female Only Classes

Our partner driving schools believe in equal opportunity, this is the reason they provide female only classes for the female candidates who need individual attention. For this reason, they also have well-trained and qualified female instructors to provide their services to the female candidates.


Candidates are encouraged to revise the lectures for better performance in the test, this is the reason E-lectures are available online for this purpose. In case, the candidate misses a lecture or want to revise for the test he can take help from our E-lectures. However, skipping lectures and preparing from e-lectures only is not encouraged, the candidate must complete the recommended 40 hours of the training sessions.

Enrolling in an unauthorized driving school maximize the chance of failure and then you may need to take the test again. Enrolling in good UAE driving school like the partner driving schools of can help you prepare according to the requirements of the traffic authorities that minimize the risk of failure, saving you money and time.

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