Essential Tips to Pass the UAE Parking Test

The UAE Parking Test is one of the important driving tests that the driving license aspirants have to pass to obtain a driving license in the UAE. Driving a car in the UAE is a dream for many and at the partner driving schools of LearnAnyCar.comthey make it easy for the aspirants to get a driving license. We have well-reputed partner driving schools who provide easy training to prepare the students for passing the Road Test.

The UAE driving parking test is comprehensively examined by the instructors and any small mistake can result in parking test failure. They offer an advanced learning program that makes the students confident to pass the RTA parking test and all other related driving tests.

Why is the UAE Parking Test Important?

Passing the parking test is an important part of getting a driving license in the UAE and it is required that the driver should be aware of all parking rules before attempting the test. The partner driving school of have experienced instructors who carefully guide aspirants to pass this test. The emphasis of the instructors remains on making the drivers understand possible mistakes that they can make while attempting the test and then executing with them the best practices to overcome these mistakes.

Following mistakes can be commonly committed by drivers while attempting the UAE driving parking test:

Poor Time Management while Completing the Maneuvers

There are three types of maneuvers that the driving license aspirants are tested for during the parking test. Managing the time properly while attempting these maneuvers is of immense importance and the driving license aspirants not to spend more than:

  • 5 minutes in parallel parking maneuver
  • 3 minutes in vertical parking maneuver
  • 2 minutes in 60 degrees parking maneuver

Rolling Back by More Than 30cm

It is an important practice to learn how to prevent the car from rolling back while taking the challenging vertical parking test. The limit of 30cm roll back must not be crossed while attempting this test and any small mistake can lead to applicant’s disqualification. Controlling the clutch pedal and gear shift skilfully becomes important in this type of parking test.

Wasting Time while Starting the Car

As per the rules, when a driving license aspirant fails to start the car’s engine within 60 seconds, it leads to an immediate disqualification in the parking test. Our partner driving schools prepare the learners to get a driving license by attempting all the tests confidently and by managing their time in an efficient way.

Hitting the Poles in the Garage Parking Test UAE

Sometimes, the aspirants hit the poles while parking the car in Garage Parking TestThis results in an immediate failure in the parking test. The good driving school will comprehensively train the students to avoid hitting the poles while parking a car during the parking test.

Unable to Park the Car within the Specified Area

You need to stop a vehicle and park it in the specified area according to the parking test protocols. There is a specific area defined within which you need to stop and park a vehicle confidently. For this purpose, you need to first drive at a speed that is ideal to stop a vehicle within the required stopping distance and then create a driving angle that helps out in parking a vehicle appropriately. Sometimes, the aspirants find it difficult to park the car in the allocated area because they don’t use the side mirrors and rear-view mirror in the right way. The stopping distance matters while attempting the parking test and you need to stop a car within the specified limit in order to complete the UAE parking test successfully.

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