How to Get the UAE Driving License?

The aspirants always wonder how to get UAE driving license as there are different tests that they have to clear. These tests are organized by the authorities and are difficult to pass because the traffic authorities have been trying to improve the road safety situation in the UAE to make it one of the safest countries in the world. You need to prepare comprehensively to clear all the assigned tests in order to acquire a driving license in the UAE.

The partner driving schools of are right here to help driving license aspirants to acquire the UAE driving license. They follow a simple and easy procedure to train the students for different driving tests and pass it on first attempt. Here is a stepwise guide that will explain how our partner driving schools train driving license aspirants to become safe drivers and pass the driving license tests on first attempt.

How to Get UAE Driving License – Register Yourself with Our Partner Driving Schools

Our partner driving schools has multiple branches across the region where driving license aspirants can register themselves. Moreover, to register with our partner driving schools, you can either call our helpline or use our website, to register online.

Attend Lectures to Pass the RTA Theory Test

Our partner driving schools conduct the 8 mandatory lectures for aspirants who are looking to acquire a driving license in the UAE. These lectures are delivered in three different languages that are ArabicEnglish, and Urdu. They also offer e-Lectures, female only lecture, and night classes for male students. For enhanced convenience of learners, our partner driving schools provide Remote Interpretation Service (RIS) for those students who find it difficult to pass the RTA Theory Test in any of the above mentioned languages.

Pre-Evaluation to Determine the Skills of Aspirants

Our partner driving schools have highly qualified instructors who carefully train you to know how to get license in UAE. Training the students for passing the RTA Road Test is their objective and they arrange Pre-Evaluation test to polish the driving skills of driving license aspirants. However, it is important to note that this test is not mandatory and you can skip it if you consider yourself read for the RTA Road Test.

How to get UAE Driving License – RTA Parking Test

Once you clear the RTA Theory Test, the next step is to pass the RTA Parking Test that leads towards acquiring a driving license in the UAE. This test is based on 5 parking manoeuvres that are Parallel, Angle, Emergency Stop, Garage, and Hill. In case, if you fail any of the 5 parking manoeuvres, you need to pay for one hour of practical training for the only failed manoeuvre before you reappear for its test.

Assessment Test

Our partner driving schools are the right answer to how to get UAE driving license. They carefully train driving license aspirants to clear the RTA Road Test on the first attempt. After clearing the parking test, you need to pass the Assessment test. However, if a student fails this test, he/she has to take 4 hours of practical training followed by the re-assessment test. Our partner driving schools provide Independent and Highway training to aspirants to prepare them for RTA’s Road Test.

Registration for the Road Test

Once you clear the assessment test, you can either call the RTA Call Center or use the RTA Smart Self-Booking Screens to register for the road test. As soon as you pass the RTA Road test, you can collect the clearance certificate from our partner driving schools and proceed to collect your driving license. In case, if you fail the RTA Road test, you need to register for the mandatory 4 hours of training to retake the test again. The aspirants who wonder how to get UAE driving license can easily acquire one with the help of’s partner driving schools.

If you want to apply for a defensive driving course in the UAE then visit us at or call our customer support to become a better and safe driver.