How to Pass Driving Test in the UAE under Adverse Driving Conditions?

The driving license aspirants wonder how to pass driving test in the UAE on first attempt. Passing the driving test is not difficult if driving license aspirants are aware of the safe driving habits and have prepared for the test properly. The drivers need to carefully aware of changing weather conditions in the UAE where they have to apply safe driving techniques to reach the destination.

The adverse driving conditions in the UAE such as driving in a dust storm or heavy fog require drivers to carefully follow the traffic rules. Moreover, it is important that the driving license aspirants should build a defensive driving approach as it helps in passing the UAE driving license test in opposing driving conditions.

How to Pass Driving Test in the UAE – Safe Driving Habits

Driving a car in adverse driving conditions is challenging for any driver in the UAE, whether they have been driving for years or just got a driving license. The driving license aspirants often come with a question of how to pass driving test in the UAE under adverse driving conditions.

Let’s understand how you can drive a car safely in difficult driving conditions in the UAE.

How does Sun Glare Effects Driving?

Sun glare is one of the most common difficult driving condition that any driver will come across. When you are driving a car towards the sun from sunrise to sunset, the sun glare makes difficult to have a clear look at the road. It causes the visibility to drop to a significant level and impair the visibility of the driver.

It is important to know how to pass driving test in the UAE while driving in such conditions. It is important to reduce the speed of the car so that you can completely concentrate on the road. You should wear dark sunglasses and use a sun visor to block glaring sunrays.

How to Drive a Car in Hot Summer Days?

The driving license aspirants need to carefully learn safe driving habits to prepare for the UAE driving test. As the summer season is approaching, the driving license aspirants should learn how to drive a car safely in hot summer days. With temperatures starting to soar, the roads in the UAE absorb extra heat that could cause the blow out of car tyres if they are not properly inflated.

The drivers need to take a good look at the temperature gauge and if it is indicating a rise then turn off the air conditioner and stops the car to let the engine release heat. It is important to check car’s brakes and the driver should keep a safe distance from other vehicles so that the brakes can easily be applied. The safe driving tips are important to learn to know how to pass driving test in the UAE as driving license aspirants are closely monitored by instructors.

How to Drive a Car in Sandstorm?

Sandstorm in the UAE is normal and driving license aspirants should learn safe driving tips to know how to safely drive a car in such an adverse driving condition.

Listed below are some safe driving tips that help in safely driving a car in a sandstorm:

  • There is a low visibility in a sandstorm and you should avoid stopping the car suddenly because the vehicles coming from behind would not be able to see you that might result in a road accident.
  • You need to drive the car slowly and follow the road markings in an efficient manner.
  • Try to keep a safe distance from other vehicles so that you can easily apply the brakes.
  • Use fog lights and headlights to improve the car’s visibility for other commuters.

To know how to pass a driving test in the UAE, the driving license aspirants need to adhere to safe driving habits. The above mentioned driving tips help in building a defensive driving approach during a sandstorm.

Why Choose to Acquire a Driving License in the UAE?

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