The UAE Driving Test Tips – Safe Driving Tips That Can Help in Passing the Road Test

The UAE driving test tips are important for all driving license aspirants applying for the UAE driving license as these help them avoid the most common mistakes while attempting the driving test. During the driving test, the driving license aspirant is tested for his or her skills and how safely the vehicle is driven during the test. The examiner will be sitting beside you and will be watching you closely to assess the level of your driving skills and to see if you avoid common mistakes. The UAE driving license test tips are useful while you are taking your road test as even a small mistake can result in your failing the test.

Acquiring a driving license in the UAE is difficult due to the higher testing standards set by the UAE traffic authorities. It is worthwhile for driving license aspirants to enrol at a good driving school such as the partner driving schools of to train for the UAE driving license tests.

The UAE Driving Test Tips – Effective Tips to Pass the UAE Driving Test on First Attempt

The UAE driving test tips are important as not only do they help you pass the UAE driving license test, but also help you become a safe driver. At the partner driving schools of, the experienced trainers and instructors help the young drivers understand how to avoid making mistakes while driving on the road. The driving license aspirants are given the effective UAE driving tips to pass the UAE driving test on the first attempt and be safe while driving.

Adjust Your Mirrors to Avoid Blind Spots

Blind spots are the areas that do not show up in your side mirrors. Mostly drivers do not adjust their side mirrors properly and as a result the areas on either side of your car becomes invisible in your side mirrors. The best way to avoid this mistake is to adjust your side mirrors in such a way that your own car is not or barely visible in your mirrors. This is important, especially when you are appearing for the road test and attempting your test. The examiner will be keeping an eye on what you do and how you adjust your side mirrors so take time to cover your blind spots.

More Attention on the Road

While driving, the driving license aspirants are supposed to keep a lookout for the roads signs, however they are not supposed to do that at the expense of losing their focus on the flow of the traffic. At our partner driving schools, the driving license aspirants are trained to rely on their instincts and keep a close watch on the traffic around them. They are taught to keep an eye on the road signs and be aware of the overall flow of the traffic at the same time so that they can safely drive.

Avoid Distractions

Safe driving requires complete concentration of the driver. Everything from using your phone to listening music would be considered a diversion. Evan talking to your fellow passengers would fall under the same cadre. The driving license aspirant should concentrate on driving while on the road as the examiner would be keeping an eye on how you are driving and if you are paying attention to the road or not. The expert trainers give the best UAE driving test tips about the things students should avoid while driving as they are considered distractions by the traffic authorities and are subject to fines.

Use Your Handbrakes

At the partner driving schools of, the driving license aspirants are taught how to use the handbrakes properly and when and how they are required. The driving license aspirants are taught the proper use of handbrakes while parking their vehicle and in case they have to stop on an inclined road.

Proper Use of Headlights

Driving with headlights on at night is unavoidable, however, switching on your headlights in low visibility situations makes your vehicle more visible on the road. The driving license aspirants are taught how to properly use their headlights along with other important UAE driving license test tips.

Proper Use of Brakes in Emergency Situations

Every driving license aspirant needs to know the correct way of using the brakes if he or she wants to pass the UAE driving test. You need to know how to apply the brakes when you need to stop or park your vehicle, and also how to use your brakes in emergency situations. The proper use of brakes puts you more in control of the situation. For instance, how would you use your brakes if one of your tires bursts while driving on the road? The instructors at our partner driving schools impart the UAE driving test tips for correct brake use in all possible scenarios.

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