UAE Driving License Procedure – Everything You Need to Know

The UAE driving license procedure is defined by the traffic authorities to make sure that the people being issued the driving licenses are aware of the traffic rules and familiar with the safe driving habits. Among different procedures that are part of the Driving License Acquisition Programmedriving test is the toughest and it virtually tests the skills and temperament of the driving license aspirants. As the test is not as easy to pass, the applicants must be properly prepared for the UAE driving test. Because the test is tough, many applicants fail as they lack proper training for which they need to be perfectly trained from a reputed driving school in the country. The driving license requirements were revised by the authorities to increase the road safety in the UAE. is the largest driving school platform in the UAE where the driving license applicants can find the best driving schools and get trained on how to pass the driving test in the UAE with the help of professional instructors who trained to educate the expatriates, young drivers and first-time learners to pass their driving test on the first attempt.

Fundamentals of the UAE Driving License Procedure

Anyone aged 18 or above can apply for a driving license in the UAE. Drivers aged 18 or above are required to renew their license every year, whereas, citizens above the age of 21 will be required to get their license renewed after every 10 years. However, expats aged 21 or above are required to get their licenses renewed after every 5 years.

The applicants are to follow a set of simple requirements after the completion of which they can move on to the theoretical and driving test, which is considered to be a difficult part of the procedure of getting a driving license in the UAE.

Following is a step-by-step guide to understand the UAE driving license procedure and how to fulfil it successfully.

Documents Required for the UAE Driving License

Here are the UAE driving license requirements that you need to fulfil to get your license by providing the following documents so you can apply for a temporary Driver’s Permit:

  • Emirates ID Card (Copy and Original for Verification)
  • 5 Passport Size Photos
  • Passport Copies
  • NOC (No Object Certificate from Your Sponsor (For Expats)
  • Eye Test Receipt

After the verification of these documents, you will be given a temporary Driver’s Permit that can be used for training purpose before getting a driving license in the UAE.

Take Theory Classes

The next step in the UAE driving license procedure is to attend classes to pass the theoretical test. For this, you should enroll yourself for the Driving License Acquisition Programme at a modern-day driving school in the UAE such as the affiliate driving schools of Our partner driving schools will provide you with 8 mandatory lectures given by the instructors of the driving school, conducted 7 days a week in English, Urdu and Arabic to make the lectures easy to understand for expats speaking different languages. As every lecture covers a different subject, they are mandatory during which every student is required to bring their Training Book, Driving Permit and their Registration Card.

Appearing for the Theory Test

If and when you have attended the 8 lectures, you can apply for your theoretical test at any of the authorized driving schools in the UAE any of the three languages that are Arabic, English or Urdu. This is the easier part to be done with and doesn’t take too long as well.

Attend Driving Training

The UAE driving license requirements also include a practical training. After passing the theory test by getting training from a reputed school such as, you need to prepare for the RTA driving test.

Applicants applying for their first driving license need to follow some specific guidelines. They need to attend 40 classes and one session of simulator practice. Possession of a valid driving license (2-5 years old) from any preapproved countries would cut short the classes to 30 and an older license (than 5 years) would cut short the classes to 20. Taking these classes will prove to be helpful in understanding driving laws of the UAE.

Take the Driving Test

After the completion of driving training, the UAE driving license requirements require the applicant to take a parking test that focuses on five types of parking that are garage parking, hillside parking, angle parking, emergency stop and parallel parking.

You are to attend the optional highway classes to be trained for driving on highways and in heavy traffic to get training on how to easily avoid dangerous accidents in challenging road situations. You are also required to take an assessment test at your institute to prepare for your official driving test.

Try to reach the institute at least 30 minutes before the test and bring along the following documents:

  • Passport Size Photos (2 Photos)
  • Passport
  • Driving File

The UAE driving license procedure includes paying a fee of approximately AED 200 along with the submission of an application form and photos. You will be joined by approximately two to four license applicants with the examiner and will be given a few minutes to demonstrate your skills and responsibility, keeping in mind all the basics of the training you received at your driving school.

Do I Need to Retake the Test if I Fail?

The answer is yes, as a failure in the UAE driving test can lead to disqualification of the applicant and he/she would need to reapply to attempt the driving test again. Many people fail the UAE driving test as it is one of the hardest driving tests in the world, however, you can reapply for a second attempt which would also require you to reapply for the 7 classes from a certified driving school. You will then be given your driving license after passing the test and the completion of some paperwork.

In order to make sure that you complete the theory test successfully and pass the driving test in the first attempt, it is significant to select a reliable driving school for training purpose. Our partner driving schools have experienced trainers that can help fully educate you regarding the UAE driving license procedure and prepare you to pass your theory and driving test in the first attempt.

If you want to apply for a defensive driving course in the UAE then visit us at or call our customer support to become a better and safe driver.