The UAE Driving License Rules – Tips to Pass the Driving Test on First Attempt

Passing the UAE car license test on the first attempt is quite challenging due to the tough UAE driving license rules, however with proper practice and by following the basic rules, clearing the UAE car license test on the first attempt is possible. The traffic authorities have introduced good driving schools that follow the fundamental rules and standard protocols set by authorities to help the license aspirants properly prepare for the driving tests. It is best practice for a driving license aspirant to enroll in a good driving school if he wants to acquire the UAE car driving license.

Pass the UAE Driving License Rules with the Help of Certified Driving School is a driving school platform in the UAE whose partner driving schools follow all the standard driving protocols that can help a candidate succeed. With the team of highly qualified instructors, our partner driving schools provide driving training for both male and female candidates. They also have female instructors that provide female only driving lessons. Our partner driving schools believe in equal learning opportunity and this is the reason they have multilingual instructors who can deliver lectures in different languages for the better understanding of the students.

Here are some easy tips that can help the candidate perform better on a driving test and acquire the license on the first attempt.

Revise the Theory Test

The theory test is also known as a signal test, it is the theoretical part of the test specially designed to assess the understanding of the candidate regarding the traffic rules and traffic signals. Most of the candidates don’t pay proper attention to the theory test and this is one of the major reason why well educated and qualified people fail theory test. The questions in theory test are multiple choice questions, the provided option are so closely related that most of the candidates click the option without reading it properly. The total time duration of the test is thirty-five minutes, which is enough for the candidate to read and understand the questions properly. It is advised by the instructors that the candidate must take time to read and understand both questions and the available options carefully before choosing the answer.

Don’t Skip Lectures

Most of the driving schools provide live lectures and e-lectures along with the RTA booklet, it is very important for the candidate to attend all the lectures. One of the basic reasons for failure is skipping lectures, applicants usually skip lectures and rely on e-lectures and RTA booklet for preparation. As the e-lectures are only for revision purpose, it is not advisable for the driving license aspirants to prepare for the theory test through these. Although the candidate can prepare for the test with the help of e-lectures if he skipped a lecture due to any personal reason, however relying on e-lectures completely can become the cause of failure. The candidate is encouraged to ask questions if he is unable to understand anything, however, sometimes expats find it difficult to understand lectures due to the language barrier. In that case, there is an option of preferred language, the candidate can select the preferred language during the registration process and he will be provided attend lectures as well as attempt the test in the preferred language.

Practice Driving

The driving test is the practical part of the test, this is where the candidate is assessed on the basis of driving skills. Most of the candidates fail the driving test, they focus on learning technique but they ignore the practice sessions. It is better to practice with the help of instructors as well as practice individually, an instructor can help the candidate with in-depth evaluation and help him overcome the shortcomings. During test candidate gets nervous and rely on the examiner for guidance, which has a negative impact on the examiner. It is better to practice both individually and with the help of an instructor for better results.

Focus on Basic Rules

One of the basic RTA rules of driving is safety, most of the examiners observe these rules very closely. When the candidate is asked to start driving, he must ensure the safety of all the passenger and let them settle first, another important thing that can grant some extra points to the candidate is the timing. Start with adjusting your seat then fasten your seat belt and finally adjust the side view and rear-view mirrors. Once everything is adjusted, start the engine within 60 seconds, this is the basic step that is noticed by the most examiner, in case the candidate is unable to start the engine or he is nervous the examiner reads this as a sign of lack of confidence. It is better to practice this with the instructor during the practice sessions.

All these tips are very basic and very easy to follow, however, they have a huge impact on the examiner. A safe responsible driver is the priority of the examiner, by following these simple tips a candidate can easily pass the UAE car license test on the first attempt.

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