The UAE Driving License Theory Test Preparation Classes

In order to get a driving license in the UAE, a driving license aspirant has to pass the UAE driving license theory test before they can appear for the final road test to get their driving license. Many people believe that passing the theory test is very easy, however, if someone does not pay proper attention to the course they cannot pass the UAE driving license theory test.

A driving license aspirant can easily find the UAE driving theory test sample online, however, a license aspirant cannot train for the theory test and appear for it by just simply preparing for the test by using online samples. To be eligible to appear for the theory test, a driving license aspirant will first have to join a driving school in the UAE, such as the affiliate driving schools of in order to properly prepare for the test.

The UAE Driving License Theory Test Classes

In order to appear for the theory test, driving license aspirants will have to attend a series of lectures, which ensure that they are properly prepared for the test. According to the rules, a driving license aspirant will have to attend 8 mandatory theory lectures from an driving school.

At the time of registration, the driving license aspirant will be provided with an RTA Training Handbook, which has all the information regarding the rules and regulations, traffic laws and traffic violations that they would have to consider and learn before they can appear for the theory test.

Our partner driving schools conduct approved lectures 7 days a week to cover the mandatory lectures as early as possible and prepare the driving license aspirants for the UAE driving theory test. The theory test classes will cover every topic that a driving license aspirant needs to know.

To attend the classes, a registered student will have to bring the following documents to every lecture:

  • Registration Card
  • Learner’s Permit
  • RTA Training Handbook

The 8 lectures will cover the following topics as per the rules of the RTA:

  • Responsibilities and Attitude of a Driver
  • Understanding of the Traffic Rules and Regulation
  • Characteristics of Road Users
  • Driving Conditions
  • Driving Environment
  • Route Planning, Traffic Violations and Driving on Freeways
  • Hazard Perception Training
  • Traffic Accidents – What to Do in an Accident and Case Studies

The Curriculum

In order to best prepare our students to pass the UAE driving license theory test, the curriculum has been designed to suite needs of the students based on their age, skill level and driving experience. The classes are given by multilingual male and female instructors so that every driving license aspirant can comfortably attend the lectures and understand the course properly.

The theory classes are divided into four stages so that the driving license aspirants can get complete understanding of the RTA Training Handbook and pass the theory test on first attempt successfully. These four stages are:

Stage 1 – The first stage discusses off the road procedures in which the students will learn about vehicle checks, vehicle controls, occupant safety and other safety drills.

Stage 2 – The second stage will cover driving safely in light to medium traffic.

Stage 3 – The third stage will cover driving in medium to heavy traffic.

Stage 4 – The fourth and final stage will cover basics of parking and driving on an inclined road.

By dividing the course into these four stages, the instructors can ensure that the student understands the laws, basics of driving and the rules and regulations of driving in the UAE. They have experienced and professional multilingual trainers and instructors so that the expats have no issue with understanding the theory test material.

Attendance Rules

Every student at our partner driving school will have to follow the attendance rules so that they can get complete knowledge of the RTA Training Handbook to properly prepare for the theory test. The students have to follow these rules of attendance and ensure that they attend every lecture in order to be eligible to appear for the UAE driving license theory test on the date given to them at the time of registration.

The attendance rules are as follows:

  • Every driving license aspirant will have to ensure that they have attended the 8 mandatory lectures before they appear for the RTA Theory Test.
  • The student will have to ensure that they have attended the lectures 1 and 2 before they give their signal test and begin their practical training.
  • Before the final theory test, the students must ensure that they have attended all of the 8 lectures before the final assessment by the driving school.
  • In case the student plans to be absent from a lecture, he or she must notify the driving school 48 hours prior to the class.
  • To avoid unnecessary issues, it is necessary for students to ensure the payment of the training and tests is made on time. is a driving school platform in the UAE where driving license aspirants can come to find the best driving school in the UAE to train for their driving license tests and ensure that they are capable of passing their tests on the first attempt. The lectures conducted at our partner driving schools have been prepared in such a way so that the students can develop a safe driving mindset, adopt proactive road presence and become safe drivers. Our aim is to improve the overall road safety standards in the country and ensure that the new drivers are better prepared to not only become safe drivers but become an example for other drivers in the country to follow.

If you want to apply for a defensive driving course in the UAE then visit us at or call our customer support to become a better and safe driver.