The UAE Driving License Theory Test: Everything Aspirants Need to Know

The UAE driving license aspirants know that passing the UAE driving license theory test and driving test is very difficult. While many people believe that passing the UAE driving theory test is very easy, it still requires a lot of attention and anyone who fails to pass the theory test will not be allowed to proceed further.

It is essential to pass the UAE driving license theory test as it is the first hurdle in the way of getting your driving license. Many people try to prepare for the theory test by practicing the UAE driving theory test sample, but that is not enough. In order to pass the test, it is important for the driving license aspirant to get proper training from a reputed UAE driving school where experienced trainers help the driving license aspirants to prepare for the test and enable them to pass the test on first try. With proper training and knowledge, anyone can pass their UAE driving license theory test.

The UAE Driving License Theory Test Requirements

According to the UAE driving license theory test requirements, a driving license aspirant has to attend 8 mandatory theory classes to understand the handbook that is given to a license aspirant at the time of registering for a driving license course. So even if you can practice for the tests by yourself, you will still have to enroll with an authorized and certified driving school in the UAE to attend these mandatory lectures. is a driving school platform in the UAE whose partner schools have capable trainers who have experience of giving RTA approved lectures to cover all 8 theory classes.

Our affiliate driving schools conduct lectures 7 days a week in English, Arabic and Urdu languages so that the expats and the residents can all get the necessary training to pass the theory test. Once enrolled, the students are supposed to bring their driving permit, registration card and the training handbook that is provided to them to prepare for the theory test.

Each of the 8 lectures will cover a different topic that will help the students understand the theory handbook better and help them in understanding the rules and prepare them for the theory test. It is necessary for every driving license aspirant to attend all 8 lectures because without them, they cannot appear for the theory test.

Purpose of the Theory Test

The theory test is designed to test your knowledge of the UAE driving rules and regulations. It is important that you understand what is legal and what is not, what a safe driving practice is and what you should do in different driving scenarios. The theory test is designed to help build your road awareness and ensure that you are intellectually capable of making the right decision in different scenarios while driving in the UAE.

This is the reason why traffic authorities in the UAE have made is necessary to read the handbook and understand it properly by attending lectures delivered by experienced trainers. The trainers will help you understand the material and ensure that you are ready to take the theory test and then implement the knowledge taken from it when you learn to drive.

Process of Applying for and Passing the Theory Test

Anyone who wishes to receive a driving license in the UAE will have to appear for the theory test because it is the first step and you cannot proceed further until the theory test has been passed by the driving license aspirant. The process of applying for the UAE driving license theory test is easy and simple, however, passing the theory test will require hard work and diligence.

Here is everything that you should know about applying for and passing the UAE driving license theory test.

Register for A Driving License

To start the process, you will have to register for a driving license in the UAE and get a Driver’s Permit that will make you eligible for driving training and theory test. To register for a driving license, you will first have to present some documents that are necessary for getting a driving license. These documents are:

  • Emirates ID Car (Copy and Original for Verification)
  • 5 Passport Size Photos
  • Passport Copies
  • NOC (No Object Certificate from Your Sponsor (For Expats))
  • Eye Test Receipt

It is necessary for a driving license aspirant to submit these documents while applying for a driving license. If even one of the documents is missing, you will not be able to register for your driving test or the theory test, so ensure that you have all of these documents before you go to apply for a temporary Driver’s Permit.

Book and Give Your Theory Test

After you have registered for the driving license course, you can book a Theory Test. Registering before booking your theory test is important because you will need your registration number and your Driver’s Permit to book the test. The booking agent will give you the earliest date that you can give the test on and help you choose the vehicle category and your language of choice. Once you have your theory test date, you will then have to attend 8 mandatory theory lectures in order to prepare for your theory test.

Giving the Theory Test

At the day of the theory test, you should reach the test center at least 30 minutes before the time of the test. You will have to go to the reception desk and show your ID card, your payment receipt and your driver’s permit so that you can get your personal locker where you will put your belongings, such as your mobile phone, as you cannot take anything with you inside the test center. You will be assigned a testing station where you will give your theory test. The test station will have headphones and a touchscreen that you will use to give your test. The examiner will give you a brief tutorial of about 10 minutes in which he or she will give you instructions on how to give your test.

The theory test in itself is very easy for those who have paid attention to lectures and read the handbook carefully. The test comprises of 35 multiple choice questions with three answers to choose from, you will have to answer all the questions in 30 minutesTo pass a theory test, a driving license aspirant will have to score at least 13 points out of 18 specific questions and 12 points out of 17 common questions.

Why Choose

Passing the UAE driving license theory test is necessary as you will not be able to move on to the next step in your driving license training program. is a driving school platform where you can find the best driving school in the UAE that will give you get proper training and education to pass the theory test on your first attempt. These driving schools have experienced multilingual trainers who will train the students while imparting knowledge and ensuring a complete understanding of the theory handbook.

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