The UAE Driving School – Details of Light Motor Vehicle Course is the largest UAE driving school platform whose affiliate driving schools offer a comprehensive Light Motor Vehicle course to driving license aspirants in the UAE. The Light Motor Vehicle course from a good driving school prepares the students for the final driving test that helps them in attaining the Light Motor Vehicle driving license. The students who take this course will be able to apply to appear for a test for manual transmission driving license or an automatic transmission driving license in the UAE.

The best driving school in the UAE has a team of professional trainers who have complete knowledge of the UAE licensing rules and laws so that they can properly guide the driving license aspirants and ensure that they pass their road and theory test on their first attempt. The best authorized driving school in the UAE offers training in Arabic, English and Urdu and has a team which comprises of both male and female instructors and trainers.

Registration Process for Registering in the UAE Driving School for Light Motor Vehicle Course

Any driving license aspirant interested in joining a Light Motor Vehicle course must properly register for the course. The registration process at our affiliate driving schools is very easy and will only take a few minutes, however, they have to register according to the criteria set by the traffic authorities in the country.

These registration requirements are:

  • Any student who does not have a driving license in the UAE will be considered a “beginner” and will have to register for a minimum of 20 hours of training, which is a mandatory requirement for first timers who want to get a driving license.
  • Any student who has a valid driving license in their country for 2-5 years will have to register for a minimum of 15 hours of training.
  • The students who have held a driving license in their country for more than 5 years will have to register for a minimum of 10 hours of training.
  • The driving license aspirants who have registered for 15 to 20 hours of training will have to undergo an Evaluation Testthat will determine their skill level. Any license aspirant who fails the test will be considered as a beginner.
  • Any student who is reappearing for the RTA Road Test will have to register for at least 4 hours of training.
  • The driving license aspirant who is transferring from another driving school will have to appear for an Evaluation Test if there is a gap of more than 30 days since their last class.
  • Any license aspirant who holds a valid GCC license will have to appear for a Yard Test, Knowledge Test and a Road Test. If they fail any of those, they will have register for 2 lectures, 4 hours of training and reappear for a road test.
  • The students will have to decide upon registration if they are applying for an Automatic Transmission license or a Manual Transmission license. The Automatic Transmission license holders are not eligible to drive a manual vehicle.

Other Requirements

There are some other requirements that driving license aspirants have to fulfil before they can appear for the RTA Road Test these will be covered in the Light Motor Vehicle course. The UAE driving schools fulfil the following requirements to get a light vehicle license:

  • 8 Mandatory Lectures
  • Assessment Test (internal test) and Yard Test (driving manoeuvres)
  • A Minimum of 1 Hour of Night Training (optional for female students)
  • A Minimum of 2 Hour of Highway Training for 20 Hour Students
  • A Minimum of 1 Hour of Highway Training for 10 Hour and 15 Hour Students
  • RTA Road Test

One important factor to note is that if any driving license holder has a fine against their license then they will have to clear that fine before they can apply for a driving license in the UAE and only then will they be able to join the training sessions at any of the partner driving schools of

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