The UAE Driving Test – Basic Safe Driving Tips for Young Drivers

The UAE driving test is among the toughest driving tests in the world and young drivers often find it hard to pass their driving test on the first attempt. Even if they pass their test and get their UAE car license, they take time to adapt to the diverse driving culture of the UAE.

According to the recent figures and statistics revealed by the traffic authorities, young drivers have caused the maximum numbers of road accidents in the country. The accidents caused by young drivers in the UAE has given rise to the need for a better UAE driving school and trainers so that the young drivers can gain experience before they can take their vehicles to the road.

As most of the accidents involving young drivers occur because they don’t have the required skills to drive safely and lack overall experience, getting training from a reputed UAE driving school becomes very important. It is necessary to develop a defensive driving approach, especially for anyone who wishes to pass the UAE driving test and to become a conscientious driver.

The UAE Driving Test and Safe Driving Protocols

Many things are counted during the UAE driving test and one of them is how safely the driving license aspirant is driving the vehicle. The examiners will be taking note of the safe driving practices taken by the young drivers because these habits and practices matter for getting the UAE car driving license.

Here are some safe driving tips for young drivers who have newly acquired a driving license in the UAE or who are applying for a driving license for the first time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing your driving skills is one of the best ways of ensuring that you are following the correct driving habits at all times. Even when you have acquired the UAE car license, you need to keep practicing because having a license does not mean that you are an expert driver. In order to sharpen your driving skills and to ensure that you know all the essential road safety protocols, you will have to keep practicing them until they become second nature to you. The reputed UAE driving school will always try to impart safe driving practices onto the young drivers so that they can maintain their composure and learn to remain patient even in frustrating driving situations.

Wear Seatbelt at All Times

It is important to wear a seatbelt at all times while driving because it is one of the most basic and necessary safe driving practices to adopt for anyone who wants to pass the UAE driving test. By wearing a seatbelt at all times, one can reduce the chances of fatal body and head injuries in case of an accident. It is the responsibility of the driver, new or experienced, to ensure that all passengers in the vehicle are buckled up before driving to ensure that everyone will remain safe in case of a road accident. If the passengers are not wearing their seatbelts, the driver will be fined AED 400 per passenger while 4 black points will be issued against his or her license.

Avoid Tailgating

One of the most serious traffic offences in the UAE is tailgating and it must be avoided at all costs. Tailgating is a traffic offense when the driver does not leave much or any distance from the car ahead. When someone is tailgates, they are putting their own and the safety of other passengers at a serious risk. Tailgating often ends in a deadly collision, especially when one is driving in bad weather or low visibility conditions. This is the reason why the instructors at the affiliate driving schools of always advise that you must leave two cars length distance between your car and the car ahead, by doing so, even if you have to apply any sudden brakes, you maintain a respectable distance from the car ahead. Tailgaters will have to pay a fine of AED 400 and have 4 black points issued against their driving license.

Change Lanes While Using Indicators

Before someone is given the UAE car license, they have the pass the UAE driving test, which includes a theory and practical or road test. If the driving license aspirant fails to cover the basics of driving then the chances of him or her getting the UAE car license are next to none. One of these driving basics and an important safe driving practice is using indicators while changing lanes. By using indicators, you can signal other drivers on the road that you are changing lanes and they will make way for you to do so without putting you or others at risk of a road accident.

Use Navigation System

Young drivers are often not good with directions, especially when driving around in heavy traffic or at night time. Using Google Maps and other navigation apps can help a new driver to find alternate routes where there is less traffic congestion. As young drivers lack experience, it is advisable for them to take longer routes if necessary so that they can drive calmly and safely with entering a congested traffic area.

Follow the Traffic Signs and Speed Limit

Of the many basic things taught at the UAE driving school is making sure that driving license aspirant follow the speed limit and traffic signs. These are some of the most common yet often ignored safety precautions by new and young drivers. A large number of traffic accidents occur because one or more drivers were not paying attention to the traffic signs or the designated speed limit for the area. In order to remain safe, one must always pay attention to the speed limit of the road and traffic signs. During the theory test, traffic signs are displayed and driving license aspirant have to correctly identify them against a question while during the road test, the examiner carefully observes the driver to see if the speed limits and traffic signs are being given attention.

Turn Off Your Mobile Phone

In order to drive safely, every driver is advised to turn off their mobile phone or at least keep them away while driving. Distracted driving is one of the most common traffic violations and is heavily fined in the UAE. Driving while talking to someone in person or on the phone, texting and even eating while driving can lead to lack of attention on the road and can put multiple lives in danger. A driver found guilty of distracted driving or driving while using a mobile phone will be fined AED 800 and have 4 black points issued against their driving license. When you appear for a road test, it is highly advised by the instructors at the partner driving schools of that you turn off your mobile phone as it might cause confusion or panic if the phone rings while you are giving the road test.

Final Verdict

It is the responsibility of a driver to ensure that he or she is following safe driving practices to make certain that the road safety is not compromised by his or her mistakes. Every citizen of the UAE has to play their part to make the roads safe for everyone. Young drivers are more vulnerable to making mistakes while driving in undesirable driving conditions as compared to experienced drivers. If these tips are followed, they can help young drivers in getting a driving license and become better drivers.

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